Flutter Gallery App for Students


Flutter Gallery App for Students

Short description:

Save the content of your classes in you smartphone by taking pictures of the blackboard and saving them in Notabook. You can save your images, add personalized information, such as: subject, date, type, topic and so on. Find the image you are looking for very quickly. This app is a must-have for all students.
Define a discipline for the image, create topics such as: Trigonometry, Newton’s Laws, Ethics, Direct Object, and much more. Add notes, create reminders, record your school schedule on our Schedule’s Page and many other tools you can have in a single application to make your student life simpler.

Main features:

  • Gallery with all images added
  • Image filtering by date, description, title
  • Create Reminders
  • Create and manage Notes
  • School Schedule
  • Subjects
  • Capture Image or Select from Gallery
  • Segment your images by discipline, topic and type
  • Crop Image
  • Share Image with your classmates

Flutter packages:

  • provider
  • intl
  • sqflite
  • image_picker
  • image_cropper
  • table_calendar
  • flutter_share_file
  • photo_view
  • flutter_local_notifications
  • shared_preferences
  • firebase_analytics
  • in_app_purchase
  • admob_flutter
  • url_launcher

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