Hide N Seek IO – ( C3P + HTML5)



Hide N Seek IO – ( C3P + HTML5)

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Hide N Seek.IO -Hide N Seek is a game where you can play either the seeker or the hider. This game is among the top games in the genre because of its simple and engaging gameplay.

In Hide N Seek, your goal is to either hide or capture other players who are hiding. You only have a short period of time to complete this.

You’ll win if you stay hidden and avoid being discovered before the clock runs out or you captured all the hiders while playing as seeker.

Software Used: Construct 3 Game Engine.

Controls: Drag to move/ Use arrow key.


• AdMob integrated.

• More than 40 levels.

• Extra Bonus Levels.

• Skin Purchase System.

• Two different modes.

• Highly Optimized.

Files Included:

-Construct 3 source file ( C3P ) .

-HTML5 export file.

-Documentation file (Quick Guide).

-3d Modals ( .glb )

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