100 Games Dream Bundle – Android Games for Reskin and Publishing


100 Games Dream Bundle – Android Games for Reskin and Publishing


Licensing Rights and Guidelines

You can use our game templates to create unique games, whether it’s just for friends or for everyone on Google Play. But remember, you can’t sell or share the original templates. You can only sell or share the final games you’ve made from them. If you’re not sure if your game follows these rules, feel free to reach out to me.

If you’re sharing your game with the public, make sure you change the name, logo, sounds, and pictures from the original template. Your game should look different from other games made from the same template. This also helps avoid problems with spam or copyright when your game goes online.

After you buy, you get two weeks of basic support. This means we can answer any question you may have about our game templates and we may take some of your questions and post them on our FAQ section to help others who are also facing the same issue. We’re working on improving our support, so we appreciate your patience in the meantime.

As a perk we offer to all customers, we provide unlimited fixes for any errors that pop up with our templates. If we update or improve the template, you can immediately get the new version by reinstalling it from CodeCanyon.

You can’t change the game’s source code, but you can change the pictures and sounds. If you really need to change the source code, email me and we’ll see what we can do. If lots of people ask for this, we might make it an extra feature for our customers.


Game Demo APK’s

100 Demo Apk Zip File Click Here to Download


List of game templates

1. trickytrap 2. jumpup 3. forawrd 4. impossiblebounce 5. dotlines 6. transvenia 7. zigjump 8. lapuq 9. jumpin 10. thedot 11. umbleranger 12. dropball 13. kolorchallenge 14. splashracing 15. spacejumper 16. skullraider 17. ballflow 18. bouncingcolorz 19. blocky 20. sliderball 21. zigrun 22. colorshooter 23. cubejump 24. happyrabbit 25. harrydodge 26. jumperjhon 27. pixeldash 28. redballstunt 29. rimba 30. slowsplash 31. worldjumper 32. aquajumper 33. freeflow 34. stormjumper 35. cubecity 36. dashybird 37. dwno 38. dungeonswitch 39. ballhop 40. jumperman 41. highmountracing 42. underworld 43. impossiblecaves 44. samsworld 45. monkeyrun 46. monsteradventure 47. pixelrunner 48. colormatch 49. slidersanta 50. colorjump 51. wargala 52. followline 53. extrememotochicken 54. planetrunner 55. cavebox 56. wallspike 57. duoballs 58. quickrunner 59. jaysbicyclerace 60. swipeanddash 61. apex 62. astroswipe 63. ballzshooter 64. ballzy 65. bouncyball 66. boxup 67. bricksmash 68. chickenbounce 69. circleslide 70. circleswing 71. coptersaga 72. cubedrop 73. cuberun 74. cyberwar 75. darkpit 76. dropout 77. eathedot 78. Jamlam 79. galactica 80. glide 81. golfpaul 82. highball 83. icyslide 84. jeevasaga 85. jumpersanta 86. jumpycube 87. lanearrow 88. minxi 89. pixelrun 90. planetrunner 91. python 92. quickjump 93. rotaball 94. santacrossing 95. santaslide 96. slideup 97. swayaway 98. switchcolor 99. trickygeomtery 100. waverun


Technical Details

  1. Import in Latest Android studio
  2. Use the included RESKIN Software to reskin the game according to your game design
  3. Change admod banner, Interstitial and Reward video ID’s in android studio
  4. Export Signed APK
  5. Upload to Google Play store and other stores
  6. Earn money from ads

Detailed documentation and RESKIN software is included.

Contents of documentation

  • Install Android Studio
  • Import Project in Android Studio
  • Update Game Name, Icon, Package ID
  • Change Admob Id’s
  • Change Game Service Id’s
  • Change More Game’s and Rate Game links
  • Export Apk to upload to Google play
  • How to Reskin the Game to make it Unique.

Reach top charts with a Publisher ready, highly optimized UI and stunning grapics, which are designed meticulously.

The game is developed using cocos2dx/Buildbox and is designed for high-performance, battery-efficient games.

  • Android 13 ready
  • Ready for publishing
  • Smooth transitions & animations
  • High quality images (png files included)
  • Ads implemented
  • Admob (for other ads providers, buy extended license)

Please reskin with care

We provide un-watermaked images because we trust that you will use your best judgement in creating a legitimate reskin that adds value to the game. Please be aware of Google policies against “spamming” the App Store and take your time to create the graphics that will delight your users.

If you have any questions or you want additional information, you can contact me via,

Email: [email protected] or Skype: live:.cid.e7c2f3e90e75ede8

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