3D Car Race – Template for Construct 3


3D Car Race – Template for Construct 3

3D Car Race – Template for Construct 3 It is a super fun 3D racing game, run the first race alone, the Construct 3 engine with the LocalStorage plugin will record your movements, and start the second race against yourself, improve your time and try to beat yourself in the following races , the game has 3 speedway and everything is developed with the new elements for Construct 3 “3DCamera” and “3D shape” which are the last updates of the stable version of Construct 3.


  • Made with Construct 3
  • Include source file .c3p
  • No external plugins
  • Easy to reskin
  • 3D Camera
  • Commented code.


1.- Use the keyboard arrows to move the van and reach the goal.

2.- When you reach the goal, start the next race that you will play against yourself, try to improve your time.


This game was created using Construct 3 (source code is included). To modify this project, you must have a personal or higher license from Construct 3.

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