6Valley e-commerce – Delivery Man flutter app


6Valley e-commerce – Delivery Man flutter app


Note: Purchase the 6Valley eCommerce System if you don’t purchase it yet. Because this is not an independent flutter app. This flutter app only works with 6Valley eCommerce System.

6Valley delivery man flutter app is the most important module of the 6Valley eCommerce system. Admin and Seller can assign an order to a Delivery man for delivered the order. The delivery man can see the delivery location, order details, and payment details. 6valley is a complete e-commerce system and its mobile app is developed by flutter. Flutter is an open-source UI software development kit created by Google. It is used to develop cross-platform applications for both Android and iOS, from a single codebase.

Delivery Man App

Demo credential: Number: +8801234567890 Password- 12345678


– Please create a Delivery Man credential yourself from the admin panel for a better experience, One more thing the demo database will reset 1-2 hours intervals.

– Admin panel

How it works:

  1. Purchase 6Valley eCommerce System first.
  2. Install the admin panel on your server.
  3. Setup the User flutter app which is already included with this package: 6Valley eCommerce System
  4. Now purchase this delivery man flutter app and set up your flutter delivery man app with the 6valley e-commerce system.
  5. Build the flutter project after setup and upload the flutter app to the play store.


6amTech developed all the projects with good design patterns and the code structure is well maintained. We are expert in Flutter development and all mobile app is developed with flutter technology. 6valley is one of the trending e-commerce systems in codecanyon and the user, seller, and delivery man app is developed by flutter. Flutter provides very smooth performance in both Android and iOS builds.

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