Advanced Inventory system (Array-based) – Construct 3


Advanced Inventory system (Array-based) – Construct 3

You can play with Items, move them and Save while closing your backpack. Everything that has been done up to this point will be saved.

The next time you enter the game, all data on Items will be restored.

The source is suitable for your RPG game with inventory, equipment and loot. For a mobile game, HTML5, or PC, etc.

Project has more 50 events and uses families.
You need the full version of Construct 3 !

Basic functionality:
• Taking items with a double-tap from Loot
• Drag and drop with mouse / touch
• Merge/Split Item Stacks
• Eating Food with “restoring” Hunger
• Separate buttons for different actions
• SWITCH between levels to check Saving!
• Equipping items for the character’s Doll
• Calculating Attack and Defense from Equipped Items
• Description of items when holding the Touch over the object
• In the description of Clothes and Weapons there is a comparison of the current one with the worn one (it is shown with a colored arrow which item is Better)
• Full preservation of all things in their places, including those that were left in chests (empty chest is deleted)
• The text contains the output of the “top” line of the array cells in X and Y, in order to evaluate how the storage of information about objects is arranged


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