Advanced Support Ticket Filters Module for Perfex CRM


Advanced Support Tickets Filters Module for Perfex CRM

Advanced Support Ticket Filter”, this module can be use in Perfex CRM to Extends its Support Ticket filter functionality.

  • You can create dynamic filter of your choice & save it for future use.
    (Usage : Mainly use for different kind of report need & at time access inbuilt functionally of Perfex CRM)
  • It save time of user in generating similar kind of report as once template is save can be used anytime.


Added advantage:

  • Can be used to filter support tickets related to Project or Customer.
  • View/Hide Tickets related custom fields from filters.
  • Tickets can be filtered in Groups.
  • Can be select custom period for between start date & due date.
  • Report can Expert with required Column (i.e. can hide non required Column)


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