Android Modern Word Search


Android Modern Word Search



-Word Search game in English and Turkish developed using Libgdx.
-Users are supposed to find the words according to the given category.
-Features 1.000 levels in both English and Turkish.
-The game starts from 3 letters and goes all the ways up to and including 8.
-Other languages can be added. Comes with a level generator. Add your words and translation then generate levels.
-Built-in 3 types of reveal hints and a rotatable game board (to have a different view).
-End of level and milestone animations at the end of every 10 levels (customizable) with coin reward.
-Daily rewards.
-Features tutorials that explain how to play the game.
-Customizable Admob rewarded and interstitial ads, along with GDPR. Rewarded video provides coins.
-Number of rewarded video displayed per level can be limited to 1. Or it can be unlimited
-Flexible in app purhases including remove ads, bundles and coins. New items can be added.
-Features an online dictionary for English supported by the free Worknik webservice(word request rate is limited for the free version).
-Features Google Analytics that logs important events and custom events can also be added.
-Various background images that change according to level number. Intro background features a flying bird animation.
-Bonus words feature with a dialog that rewards the users
-Displays a privacy dialog when the app is first installed and asks to agree with your terms and conditions (customizable).
-Can play music loop (music file not included). -Customizable game menu items. -Designed for phones and tablets.
-Supports 32-64 bit ARM and x86 APKs.
-Includes an English and a Turkish help document supported by screenshots.

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