Auto Crypto Bot


Auto Crypto Bot is a system that you can create your strategy, the robot operates for you, you can operate several currencies at the same time, in different timeframes, being able to be in the SPOT market or in the FUTURE market using BINANCE

The system has two sides, one for the customer account and the other for the administrator.

In your Dashboard you can see the reports of all operations, manual or automatic Monitor currencies, and trade in the SPOT or Futures market. Strategy creation system in a simple way without needing to know programming, and it still has strategies used on other sites that it has using the WebHook. There are 3 automation options, the regular one where you add your strategy, you can create a grid strategy and you can regulate it with scheduling

You can share strategies, and create in simple format. There is an option to withdraw cryptocurrency with the strategy, so if you always want a strategy to be made, it is possible to send an amount of currency to a wallet.

It has a report for you to see your growth within the platform.

It has an administrative area where you can see the users, create plans, make some configurations and see how the system is having an area for the logs and thus being able to see the system’s backend registry.

Platform for multi-user, each account will use its Binance API to access the account and make automated traders.

Sending an alert via Telegram, cell phone or email. Using the mobile APP, you can send alert popup.

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