Barbershop Booking App – Full Flutter Application


Barbershop Booking App – Full Flutter Application


New Update

– Fix login issue
– Barber Shop Approval Update
– Administrator Login on Mobile Version
– Fix Dummy Generator
– Factory Reset (Administrator)

x Remove Guest Login
x Remove Web Version (There’s still a lot of bugs for now, please use mobile login)


Barbershop Booking App – Full Flutter Application is a Barber Application built with Flutter, GetX and Firestore. If you want to start building your Barber Application, this template is quite ideal to use and develop. With the Flutter, GetX and Firestore, this app is easy to be customized. Developers will love it.



  • Cloud Firestore Integration
  • Getx State Management
  • Google/Anonymous Sign In
  • Barbershop Detail
  • Website Shortcut
  • Phone Shortcut
  • Direction Shortcut
  • Gallery Pages
  • Service List Pages
  • About Pages
  • Review Pages
  • Sign In Pages
  • Profile Pages
  • Login as Barber Shop Manager
  • Manage Services
  • Manage Galleries
  • Approve/Reject Order
  • Booking Calendar View
  • Chat Feature – Manage your Barberf – 1 Barber per Order
  • Sort by Nearby Barbershop
  • Sort by Rating

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