Block Digger – incremental HTML5 digging game


Block Digger – incremental HTML5 digging game


Block Digger is an incremental digging HTML5 game. Dig blocks, upgrade your digging machine, earn more money and DIG DEEPER! The game is lightweight and specially optimized for Web.
HTML5 build in a .zip format is included to the main file for your convenience and fast publishing.

Play it online:

Watch gameplay video:

Main features:

  • Incremental gameplay
  • Infinite upgrades
  • Flexible UI that scales to every resolution
  • Simple and crossplatform controls
  • Addictive gameplay mechanics and sounds
  • Bright visuals

Supported devices:

  • Desktop
  • Mobile
  • Tablet

Technical specs:

  • Engine version : Unity 3D 2021.3.2f1
  • Technology : WebGL
  • Build size (zip) : 8.9 Mb

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