Block Puzzle – Html5 (Construct3)


Block Puzzle – Html5 (Construct3)

Block Puzzle is a relaxing jigsaw puzzle game that combines the fun of Sudoku, Tetrix and jigsaw puzzles. You can easily calm your mind and train your brain by simply choosing the right blocks to fill rows, columns or squares and pass the levels. It’s a great time killer and best brain teaser! Choose one of the three blocks provided by the Block puzzle and place it on the board. A new set of blocks will appear after three blocks are placed. Follow the rules of the game to continuously accumulate game points. Just keep clearing blocks and challenge the highest score!

Puzzle is suitable for all ages and enthusiasts of Sudoku, Tetrix and jigsaw puzzles. Block Puzzle gives you an addictive brain training experience with all different types of puzzle pieces. Be careful because it gets harder and harder! So choose your game strategy and adjust it wisely, and see how long you can last in the puzzle you built for yourself! Keep challenging your top score and you’ll get a sense of satisfaction while massaging your brain gently!

Featured  game.

– The game is made with construct3 and no other 3rd party libraries are used

– The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows…

– Compatible with all the most popular web browsers today

– File include document, file .c3p, source html5 game

– Finger touch support game and mouse pc

– Documention change skin …

– Screens Include: Game Play , Game Home,Game Lose, Game Pause….

– We receive upgrades and develop more features of the game

– We ready upload game on server

– We are ready to add Ads SDK or Game ID fast.


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