Candy Leap – Template for Construct 3


Candy Leap – Template for Construct 3

Candy Leap – Template for Construct 3 is an Arcade game, it is a classic style game, developed with Construct 3, collect all the sweets to pass the level, but be careful with the traps that are activated every time your character jumps.

This template developed with Construct 3, has a clean and tidy code, which will make it much easier for you to reskin and publish your own game, or simply see the code and understand certain functions to implement them in your own developments.

The template has beautiful graphics made with pixel art.

If you’re looking to publish hyper casual games or maybe a parent who wants to make games for kids, you’ll find an easy way to get started.

Or maybe you’re already a game developer who wants a quick start on your next project.


  • Made with Construct 3
  • Include the .c3p source file
  • No external plugins
  • Easy to change skin


1.- Move the character around the stage and collect all the sweets to advance to the next level.

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NOTE: Modifying the events in this project requires a personal Construct 3 license

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