Card Merge – Html5 (Construct3)


Card Merge – Html5 (Construct3)

Support save and resume the game when you close the browser or exit the game.

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Merge Card Puzzle has simple game mechanics that are very easy to understand. In this puzzle game, you will be given four stacks of cards. Each stack will have cards showing numbers on them. Your job is to combine cards with the same numbers on them. You can do this by dragging a card and dropping it on top of another card with the same number on it. Afterwards, the number shown on the card will double.

You can drag a card towards another receiving card even though there are other cards on top of it. But you will need to bring the cards above it to the stack of the receiving card. As the numbers get bigger, finding combinations might start to become more difficult. Therefore, the higher the numbers, the more difficult it would be to beat your own top score.


=> Date 13/07
- Fix bug game.

Featured  game.

– The game is made with construct3 and no other 3rd party libraries are used

– The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows…

– Compatible with all the most popular web browsers today

– File include document, file .c3p, source html5 game

– Finger touch support game and mouse pc

– Documention change skin …

– Screens Include: Game Play , Game Home,Game Lose, Game Pause….

– We receive upgrades and develop more features of the game

– We ready upload game on server

– We are ready to add Ads SDK or Game ID fast.


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