Cats Swap – HTML5 Game (Construct 3)


Cats Swap – HTML5 Game (Construct 3)

Cats Swap is a casual puzzle game. Build the correct image by swapping the pieces of the puzzle. Tap or click on two pieces to swap them.


  • Made in Construct 3 game engine
  • Controls: Touch, PC (Mouse click)
  • 9 Puzzles

What you get?

  • Construct 3 File (.c3p / source code)
  • HTML5 Game exported for your website (HTML5 files)
  • Documentation – How to add it to your site

Project Info

  • Resolution (1280×720p)
  • Only Construct 3 Native Elements
  • No Third party Addons (Plugins/Effects/Behaviours)

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Project Info

Puzzle images created by catalyststuff:


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