Chat GPT-3 OpenAI HTML 5


Chat GPT-3 OpenAI HTML 5

###Note: The template has been updated to version 2.0 and brings interesting news, check the changelog at the bottom of the page.##


This is a model made in HTML 5.

Among the capabilities of this template are the creation of intelligent neural responses, continuation of dialogues, code generation, response to texts, and much more.

In the template, you can communicate with ten intelligent animals, each of which has been trained by AI to understand a specific subject. Additionally, you can create your own intelligent animal by customizing it to understand a specific subject by modifying a JSON file.


  • Customize Easy
  • Clear Documentation
  • Responsive (mobile compatible)
  • Including html, css and javascript files
  • Add, delete and modify new animals by json file
  • Assets PSD not included.
  • Documentation
  • Html, css, PHP and javascript files
  • You can test on a local server or you can host the html files on your preferred hosting.
  • No database is used.
  • The chat model used is InstructGPT.
  • Not available in the Fine-tuning models template
  • Current model: GPT 3.5 Turbo or text-davinci-003
  • It is necessary that you have a GPT chat API key, which can be obtained in openai website.
  • PHP hosting 7 or higher is required.
  • Your website must have active SSL


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