ChatHam – Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram chatbot with Ad tasks


ChatHam – Facebook, WhatsApp, Telegram chatbot with Ad tasks

Introducing Chatham – the ultimate system that enables your users to chat with OpenAI using your Facebook, Instagram, or Telegram chatbot with Ai Image Generator. With Chatham, you can effortlessly earn money while you sleep by redirecting high traffic to your targeted links or videos.

Chatham offers an innovative system where you can give click tasks or watch ads for a certain duration. This helps you earn additional revenue and increase engagement with your audience.

Plus, with OpenAI integration, Chatham’s chatbot system is continuously learning and improving to provide a more personalized and efficient experience for your users.

Please check the openAi API cost here:- Click Here

Disclaimer:- Chatham required opeanAi API keys without openApi Keys Chatham AI features won’t work however you can use manual Chatbot Commands without openAi keys.



  • VPS or Any NodeJs Enabled Shared Hosting
  • MySQL Database
  • Domain or Subdomain
  • Twilio WhatsApp API (Free)
  • Facebook Graph API (Free)
  • Telegram Bot API (Free)
  • openAi Keys



  • WhatsApp Ai Chatbot
  • Facebook Ai Chatbot
  • Telegram Ai Chatbot
  • Task-based Ad System
  • Multi Users System
  • Razorpay Payment Method
  • Paystack Payment Method
  • Paypal Payment Method
  • Offline Payment Method
  • Ai Image Generator
  • New Chat GPT Turbo power model
  • Get flow based chat
  • Responsive UI
  • Dynamic Homepage (Add your favorite language)
  • Razorpay Payment Method
  • User Management
  • Dynamic Plans
  • Dynamic Ads
  • Redirect Ad maker
  • Visit the Link and stay till the dynamic duration
  • Watch the video till the dynamic duration
  • Ad watched Logs
  • Dynamic FaQ, Testimonial
  • Dynamic Pages
  • Add custom replies by command
  • Order Logs
  • Add limis on whatsapp teilio API
  • Allow or deny Bots
  • Much More

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