Complete Multi-vendor eCommerce – Mobile App, Web, Seller and Admin Panel


Complete Multi-vendor eCommerce – Mobile App, Web, Seller and Admin Panel


A universal e-commerce app inspired by the Flutter framework, made by Google. With the mission of reducing thousands of hours of business spent on designing, developing and testing a mobile app, Onest Ecom comes as a complete solution for eCommerce. It could be able to satisfy all of the business requirements including e-commerce functionalities, impressive UX design and smooth performance on both iOS and Android devices.

Instance Synchronization

    – from mobile to the server and vice versa, the data will be updated smoothly without waiting for time.


    – support fully custom by getting the full source code package, design assets, free extra API.

Great UX design

    – multi-level categories(horizontal, menu, side menu, card view, etc.), quick product filter, super smooth checkout flow, searching keyword history, Blog Detail screens- change to difference sexy blog detail news via the config file.

Flexible Design System

    – easy to config the Homepage, Category, Blog with a bunch of built-in components: Banner Slider, Banner Grouping, Multi-Column product view, Tinder animate layout, Stack animate layout, SaleOff with Countdown, AppBar, Background, Instagram, Story, etc.

Flexible Category List

    – ability to remap a new multi-category tree that is different from the backend site. (link)

Multi Languages, RTL

    – switch or set the default language, auto-detect device locale, Language Picker, easy to add/edit/delete a language: English, Japanese, Chinese, Indonesian, Spanish, Arabic, Tigrinya, Kurdish, Romanian, Turkish, Italian, German, Portuguese, Brazil, French, Thai, Russian, Poland, Serbian, Persian, Vietnamese, Hindi, Korean, Hungarian, Hebrew, Dutch, Polish, Ukrainian, Bengali, Swedish, Finland, Greek, Khmer, Marathi, Kannada, Czech, etc.

Multi Currencies

    – easy to add/edit/delete a currency, switch or set default;

Multi Payments

    – COD, Smart COD, Native payments {PayStack, PayTM, Paypal, FlutterWave, RazorPay, Mercado Pago, Direct Bank Transfer (BACS)}, WebView payment: your local payments, Guest Checkout, and Shipping.

Barcode & QR code Scanner

    – for WooCommerce, helps users scanning the Barcodes or QR codes of a Product or an Order quickly, reliably, and by all means less time-consuming.

Diverse Products

    – Upload File on product (for medicine store, to upload prescription); Digital/downloadable, Affiliate product, product Group (WooCommerce), Dynamic product Variant, difference type of Layout (Colors, Dropdown, Box), Product Images options.


    – Coupon, Sale off with Countdown, Point and Reward

Push Notification

    – via OneSignal, Firebase; Order Status Notifications, In-app notification, history messages.

Social Login

    – easy to register or sign up (Apple, Facebook, Google, Email), SMS Login by Firebase auth, OTP Digits WordPress for SMS.

Smart Chat

    – easy to chat with vendor/admin (Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, SMS, Phone call, Gmail, etc.),

Powerful User Setting

    – view WishList, Order Tracking, Rate App on app stores, Dark theme, Smart Chat setting, switching languages, enable push notification.

Powerful Option Config

    – option to enable Guest Checkout, Require Login, enable Shipping, change currency format.

WebView and Token

    – option to add a WebView page. User can access that page without re-login. Hide some webView UI.

Google Analytics

    – easy to track the user online and number of registration via Firebase as the realtime.


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