CryptoCoin: Flutter Full Cryptocurrency app for live tracking of prices


CryptoCoin: Flutter Full cryptocurrency app for live tracking and watching cryptocurrencies rates

The future is crypto currency exchange and we have build CryptoCoin Tracker Flutter App for digital currency investors, traders, and cryptocurrency experts. With a handful of features that can enhance your users’ crypto experience and even add value to their portfolio, CryptoCoin can keep you up-to-date with the latest trends and information. CryptoCoin is ideally designed and developed for lending platform providers to track change in rates. Keep a track of rates of coins in real-time with this Flutter app. You can find top trending coins of the day, search coins, turn to the latest news on crypto currency, review charts on your screen and get an overview of the digital currency market and listed coins at your comfort and ease with CryptoCoin App. With a multi-language support, you can create the most outstanding personalize user experience. CryptoCoin also gives its users ability to make decision at and cash out when the time is best.

So, if you are a crypto currency trader, then CryptoCoin is the app every trader should have on their smartphone..

App Features:


  • Top 7 trending coin (based on 24 hours most search)
  • Crypto List with pagination (8000+ coins)
  • Coin Description page with multiple functionality


  • Chart market based on ( prices, market caps,total volumes)
  • Chart based on price period( 1m,1w,1d,3m,1y).
  • Chart based on given range.
  • Coin Details with stats.
  • Coin exchanges.
  • Coin link and description.


  • Search coins
  • Have a watch of your favorite coins.
  • Crypto news
  • Default setting for Chart Market based on and Chart colors
  • Currency selection for coins
  • Multi-Language support


Road Map:


  • Candle chart
  • Multiple details screen
  • Long Press dialog show
  • All coins sorting in view all screen
  • Search in language and currencies
  • Derivatives
  • Exchanges




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  • Data provided by CoinGecko.

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