Decipher – HTML5 Educational Game


Decipher – HTML5 Educational Game


Welcome to the exciting and challenging world of “Decipher,” a game that will test your ability to decode symbols and form words within an 1:30. Prepare for a unique puzzle experience where your mental agility and powers of observation will be put to the test as you venture through increasingly complex challenges.

How to Play:

The objective of “Decipher” is simple. The game is divided into two layouts: the first field will display a series of symbols, each associated with a specific letter. In the second field, you’ll find only symbols, with no apparent letters. Your challenge is to use your visual memory and knowledge of letter associations to input the correct letters and form valid words.


Note: The current template has over 150 words and 80 symbol images.

You can edit/add more of them from C3P and then re-export the HTML5 package.


Portrait (720×1280)


Made in Construct 3. No third party plugins\behaviors. 




– Works in most browsers.

– Mouse and touch controls.

– Easy way to add/replace images.

– Included Sources: Construct 3 (r350)


What you get

– Documentation.

– Construct 3 Files (source).

– HTML5 Game files exported.

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