Delori – Shopify High Fashion Theme for Instagram Store


Delori – Shopify High Fashion Theme for Instagram Store

A new thing in the modern world is that online stores are being created even on popular social networks. Today, Instagram is a versatile platform where you can not only display your photos, but also open online stores. Are you a businessman who has a store on Instagram? Then the Zemez team has a unique offer for you to take your online business to the next level. And our unique, new high fashion theme template for Instagram Store- Delori will help you!

With Shopify high fashion theme you will easily create your own store website that was based on the Instagram platform. Exceptional Shopify theme is equipped with the best features, latest functions, and original design. Thanks to this highly functional kit, you will be able to create a website on your own even without certain knowledge of programming. And the most important thing is that having a website for your store will definitely increase the level of your online business!

Delori is a Shopify High Fashion Theme for Instagram Store. This theme is a new, unusual template for creating an online store website that you already have on the Instagram platform.

New from Zemez, Delori – Shopify high fashion theme has:

  • 7 Home pages;
  • 3 Product pages;
  • Lookbook and Blog pages;
  • About us page, Collection page, Contact us page, etc.

Therefore, this theme is versatile and great for:

  • the store of fashionable clothes from different manufacturers;
  • sales of clothing from famous brands;
  • sale of stylish shoes for men and women.

The functional diversity of the Delori theme gives you the ability to add an entire inventory of products in the size of an Instagram page to your new website. You don’t need to separately tweak the features you already have in your Instagram store. In addition, the theme has an SEO-optimized structure, and fast loading speed and looks great on all devices, including mobile, and tablets with different screen sizes.

A high fashion theme is equipped with highly functional features. Delori theme perfectly complements the great features of the Shopify eCommerce platform. With the features you’ll learn about right now, you can easily expand and improve your business!

In order to keep your customers happy with the functional variety of your online store, the Zemez team presents many of the best features in their high fashion theme. For example:

  1. Mega Menu is a super functional menu with multiple site navigation and different elements. This feature provides a fantastic way for visitors to directly access product details directly from the menu. Turn your Instagram store into a website with highly organized eCommerce navigation with Mega Menu.
  2. Give your customers the opportunity to create a list of desired items and make their purchases organized and convenient. With the Wishlist module, your potential customers can add the desired items to a different shopping cart.
  3. A useful “Search” function will help customers quickly find what they are interested in. Convenient search will reduce the time of purchase for most business customers.
  4. Uncommon Shopify Visual Builder—one of the best theme features from Shopify . This feature will definitely attract customers’ attention due to its visual decoration of the website.
  5. Contact Form is the best way to always be in touch with your customers. This feature promotes a trusting relationship with the customer. Customize this feature and you will always be able to help your customers.

All of the above features are designed to improve your website’s ranking. Rest assured that with these functionalities your customers will be left pleasantly shocked by your online store.

High fashion theme features that will exceed all your expectations!

Now pay attention! We’re excited to tell you about the incredible and cool features of the Shopify high fashion theme that will surely make your fashion store the best!

The main feature of this new template is the Mosaic Block Constructor! This special feature will allow you to place, customize and arrange different product photos in one line as a mosaic. We guarantee you that the function will brightly emphasize the best product and attract attention to promotional offers. Most importantly, this feature will make your website unique and original!

LookBook is a feature that will complement the originality of your online store in the best way possible. This function will draw customers’ attention to the accents of the presented goods. It also transforms the goods of your online store and allows them to stand out from the crowd.

Do you want your website to be useful to your fashionable customers? Then you definitely need to start a blog directly on the website of your online store. The Blog function, with which the high fashion theme is equipped, will help you become a sales leader! You can:

  • share tips on picking out clothes for guys and girls;
  • talk about your store;
  • give advice on how to take care of the things you sell;
  • talk about the materials of which things are made, and much more.

The Ultimate Solution for Instagram High Fashion Store

To make you finally convinced that Shopify high fashion theme is the best solution for Instagram store extension, we decided to tell separately about one of the main advantages. The high fashion theme for Instagram store has a dynamic filtering system in its structure.

This system is an incredibly convenient feature. Because of this, the exclusive theme from Zemez has several categories:

  • Product category: Womens, Mens, Best seller.
  • Product vendors.
  • Collections.
  • Price range.

Product filtering allows customers to search for products by several criteria at once. Thanks to the dynamic filtering system customers can set up their own criteria for the best search.

If you have no experience in programming, then this high fashion theme is just right for you! Our team has made sure that you can easily create a website and expand your Instagram business on your own. After all, this theme is packed with the best features that you just need to apply to your website, make a few simple changes, and get started.

But if you still have questions you can safely contact our support team. They will give you professional advice and help you solve the problem!

Don’t waste your time and boost your business today! With Delori – Shopify high fashion theme for Instagram store you can do it easily.

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