DevSteed | Spa, Salon, Doctor Appointment Booking & Schedule Booking


DevSteed | Spa, Salon, Doctor Appointment Booking & Schedule Booking

About DevSteed Appointment Booking & Scheduling

DevSteed booking is one of the best spa, salon and any kinds of doctor appointment and schedules booking application with integrated CMS website. Using this system admin can Customize Service time slot, Daily/Weekly/Monthly Booking & cancelation limitation, Employee wise service and service price, Website appearance like (Logo, Theam Color, Background Image, Menu Color, FAQ, About us, Photo Gallery, Contact us, Google map) etc., Payment gateway configuration, User role & resource permission etc. as like user want.

Easy Installation & Configuration

This application is very easy to install. Any type of normal user can easily install it with just a few clicks with some basic information. after installation user can easily configure the application & website from admin panel without writing code.


Website Service Booking & Customer Panel

Service recipient can apply for a new service request by using the website or smartphone register or without register, after submitted the service request service recipient will get notification via email.

  • Available and booked service time slot will show when customer book a new service.
  • Customer can book new service by website or smartphone.
  • Customer can pay service amount by online and offline both.
  • Service recipient will get notification every new service, cancel, complete etc.
  • Customer can view pending, cancel, done and processing service etc., from customer panel or dashboard.
  • Client can cancel service from dashboard, based on service cancellation policy.
  • Customer can complete a service request flowing few step.
    • Choose Service category & service.
    • Choose your desired service provider or staff.
    • Select your desired date.
    • Select your desired time slot.
    • Fill-up Service recipient info.
    • To complete booking service pay online or local payment.

Website or CMS Home Page

This is website homepage it’s responsive, it will smoothly run any type of device like desktop, laptop and smartphone. Site Name, Background Image and all content possible to change from admin panel.

Theme color, Active color, Hover color, Menu color etc. Everything can be possible to change from the admin panel without writing code.

New Booking & Calendar

Admin or Service provider staff can view on their booking in booking calendar and can add booking, modify, done and delete from calendar.

  • Admin can view all branches booking service from the booking calendar.
  • The staff will only be able to see, edit, done booking the bookings that have been made under it.
  • All staff will be individual booking calendar and they can cancel or done booking from their panel. But if the admin wants, he can limit the access to the user separately.
  • Staff/Admin/User can view booking calendar separately branch wise.
  • Staff/Admin/User can send a notification to customer when done, cancel, processing a service.
  • Staff/Admin/User can filter booking info by Date Range, Branch, Customer, Service Status, Staff, Booking No etc. and can change service status.
  • Admin can view all branches booking service from the booking calendar.

BI Dashboard

Show service booking data based on user and role permission wise.

  • The admin will be able to see all the booking, cancel booking, payments etc. from the dashboard.
  • The Staff will be able to see the booking, cancel booking, payments etc. from the dashboard, that have been booking service under it.
  • Today’s Income & Other Statistics, it will show user permission wise
  • Today’s and all over service statistics, it will show user permission wise
  • Top booking service, it will show user permission wise

Payment Gateway Configuration


  • Enable or Disable Online/Office Payment.
  • Website currency setup.
  • Paypal payment gateway configuration.

User & Role Management


  • Admin User can set permission to staff or user, which operation or menu will be able to access.
  • Admin user can disable or edit user and role info.

Setup Website as you wish

System user can modify website from admin panel.

  • Site Name, Company or Site Logo, Website theme color, Background image like appearance etc. system admin can modify from admin panel.
  • Admin Can manage site contact, social media links and SEO setting from admin panel
  • Can add or modify photo gallery photo from admin panel.
  • Admin user can disable or edit user and role info as needed.
  • User can configure email from admin panel for service notifications.
  • User can set map location by using admin panel
  • Possible to set Site FAQ, Client testimonial from the admin panel.


Application Features

  • User Management
    • User Info
    • Role Info
    • Role Permission
  • Dashboard
    • Branch wise Booking Info
    • Dily Due & Payment
    • Daily & Monthly cancel, done booking info
    • Top Service
  • Application Settings
    • Branch add, edit, delete
    • Department add, edit, delete
    • Designation add, edit, delete
    • Company Info
    • Business Hour
    • Business Holiday
    • Add Business Holiday
    • Update Or Delete Business Holiday
  • Service
    • Service Category add, edit, delete
    • Service & service price add, edit, delete
  • Staff / Employee
    • Add & Edit staff
    • Add & Edit staff working
    • Add & Edit staff holiday
    • Add & Edit staff wise service and set service price
  • Customer
    • Add Customer
    • Add Customer Account
    • Edit & Delete Customer
  • Service Booking
    • Booking Calendar
    • Booking Schedule
    • Staff & Branch Wise Booking Schedule
    • Add New Booking
    • Edit Booking
    • Change Booking Status
    • Delete Booking
    • Booking Notification
  • Booking Info
    • List Of All Booking
    • Branch Wise Booking list
    • Modify Booking
  • Payment
    • Payment Method Configuration
    • Enable Or Disable Payment
    • Add/Deduct Payment Service Charge
    • Currency Setup
  • Website Configuration
    • Website Menu Setup
    • Enable Or Disable Website Menu
    • Website Appearance like (Logo, background image, Website color) etc.
    • About Us
    • Client Testimonial
    • FAQ
    • Photo Gallery
    • Google Map
    • Terms & Conditions
        • Website User Panel


      • User Registration
      • User Dashboard
      • Pending Booking
      • Done booking

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