Dino Puzzle Adventure


Dino Puzzle Adventure

We will present the game Dino Puzzle Adventure .it is a wonderful adventure game in the jungle with a super little Dino as a strong Kid. It combines the classic game play and new skills from adventure games, with awesome levels that we have created for you! This game is easy to control, but also very addicting which will take you through different levels of running and jumping in this dangerous jungle. So you will join in exciting world adventures to reach home. Re skin & Customize services. Re skin services are available for this game. If you want to make a similar games or have ideas about the games for your website and all sort of platforms please contact us via [email protected] Or check out our portfolio at azeemdreamsdesigner.com Services Re skin graphics. Ads implementation. Adding New levels. Adding more features. Export to Mobile (Apk for google play) & iOS. Export for facebook instant game. All you need to do first: In Order to Edit the files You need these following software to get started. Construct 3 Adobe illustrator (optional) Adobe Photoshop (optional) You can Also use any other software for graphics or animations. Main files There are 3 file types you will find inside the download. Html 5 build, APK for Android & construct 3. Source file. Construct 3 First you need Construct 3 which is an online software https://www.construct.net/en . Go to that website and launch. If you are new take a guided tour, which will further assist you and get to know the software. Note : You need to purchase the software licence if you need to make changes to the code. The software also has a free version to use for making more levels and changing graphics. Plugins required The plugins folder is in the main files. See how to install plugin here Additionally you can download all the plugins you need for the game in the link below. They are free. https://c2rexplugins.weebly.com/ https://rexrainbow.github.io/C2RexDoc/c2rexpluginsACE/pluginsIndex.html Photon engine https://www.photonengine.com/en-US/sdks#realtime-sdkrealtimeconstruct2 Gamemonetize Sdk https://gamemonetize.com/sdk

Event Sheet & Main Game code. Go to the Event Sheet folder, you will see sheets associated with layouts There are 3 Layouts Menu , Level Selection and Main Game. Menu is where the Game loads Progress Data Coins etc. Level Selection is where Levels buttons are locked or unlocked based on the Last data received. Main Game Physics Plat former behavior is used for Player’s movement like (up,left,right), arrow keys or (W,A,D) Player collisions with enemies(Spicks,Raino,fly Dino,volcano,crocodile,blade) makes the player dead. Also Player plays animations. and you can play on mobile movement for players based on touch icons. physics behaviors are used for obstacle movements ai .there is a Persist object called spanner placed at the starting position on the layouts. It spawns the player. On the checkpoints it changes its position to the checkpoint. So next time it spawns the player on the checkpoint Game Logic Victory is based on when the player reaches the cave level completed and victory popup will appear. Game Over is based on if the player hit by the obstacles player dies. Game over Popup will appear. Game Save Data Local storage The game saves Progress, and starts when the victory triggers. Progress is responsible for level unlock. They are first stored in the global variables to work, throw the layouts and store these global variables to the dictionary then saves the dictionary AsJSON to local storage. At the Menu sheet the game checks the local storage to load the dictionary. Audio There are different types of sound Click sound Game over sound Victory sound Coin sound Background sound player jump sound

Crocodile sound Raino sound Fly Dino sound Volcano sound water sound Grass sound

Export to web, Mobile, Facebook instant. Go to the Menu at control panel Project > Export HTML 5 , Facebook instant, Android & iOS Click any of the following as per your requirement. Set the properties and Done. The project will make a build for you. Learn More https://www.construct.net/en/make-games/manuals/construct-3/overview/publishing-projects

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