Dominos Construct 3 HTML5 Game


Dominos Construct 3 HTML5 Game

How to play
• Choose the number of players against you: 1,2 or 3? • Who starts is decided randomly • When it’s your turn, click the highlight domino and you will see a crosshair indicating where it can be placed • Winner is whomever finishes their dominos first!


This is a Construct 3 Game, with ready HTML5 files for your website
You can use it as is, or modify it or reskin it
The game comes with beautiful premium graphics, they are also easy to reskin and provide smooth gameplay

Items Included:
• HTML5 Game files
• Construct 3 c3p source code
• Help File

Item Features:
• Easy Reskin, simply replace the images using software like Photoshop
• No Plugins used for easier modifications and changes
• Highscore System to find out your best scores
• Touch & Mouse Controls
• Responsive Design ( resizes automatically on different screens )
• Mobile and Tablet and Desktop browsers compatible

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