Drunken Warrior – HTML5


Drunken Warrior – HTML5

Welcome to “Drunken Warrior’s Maze Mayhem,” a thrilling 2D maze game that combines the challenge of navigating intricate labyrinths with the hilarious twists and turns of an inebriated hero. Get ready for a chaotic and entertaining adventure as you guide the Drunken Warrior through mind-bending mazes filled with surprises, obstacles, and, of course, a generous amount of stumbling.



  • The game is made with Construct 3 and no other 3rd party plugins are used
  • All functions are Construct 3’re events and actions built, no JS stuff.
  • The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows.
  • All files included: source game .C3P, documentation (PDF), HTML exported ready game.
  • Screen design HD
  • Keyboard Support
  • Comments fully, easy to understand and customize!
  • Replace image easily.

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