Dynamic Quiz – Web CMS – HTML5 Game (Capx)


Dynamic Quiz – Web CMS – HTML5 Game (Capx)

  • Easy to edit and reskin. Ex: Questions about Pokemons, movies, cartoons, kids, etc.
  • Interactive Web dashboard to register your questions and answers.
  • All events commented
  • Time system to answer the questions.
  • Category system with image upload (optional)
  • System questions with image upload (optional)
  • PHP Leaderboard
  • Compatible with Construct 3
  • To install the Panel you need to have a hosting with PHP 5.3 or greater and MySQL database
  • Construct 3 license is required to export the game
  • Required hosting with https (ssl)
  • Construct 3 File
  • Game demo (HTML5 files)
  • PHP Files (Admin panel)
  • SQL demo
  • Documentation
  • http://polargames.com.br/dynamic-quiz-v5/
  • Login:root
  • Password:root

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