Escape Platform Puzzle Game


Escape Platform Puzzle Game

“Escape Platform Puzzle Game”

An escape game that you will love. It consists of 30 different levels. In each level, you need to challenge your mind and overcome that level. The objective is simple: collect 3 keys and reach the unlocked door. But collecting the keys won’t be easy. You have to do your best.

There are hints available in each level. You can unlock the hints by watching rewarded advertisements. Additionally, there is an ad shown every 3 successful attempts or every 3 failures. You can modify this number yourself. It contains ADMob ad codes, so you can add your own ad codes and earn money.

The game is compatible with mobile, PC, and tablets. It has a full-screen display. No matter which device you open it on, it will be in full-screen mode.

The game also includes sound effects. There are buttons to mute the sounds and background music.

From the main menu, you can choose one of the 5 different characters. The chosen character and completed levels will be saved. So even if you exit the game, you can continue where you left off when you enter the game again.

In this game that doesn’t take up much space, you will experience the peak of excitement.

It is easily customizable. After customization, you can share it on stores.

The following items are included in the game: -C3P file. -HTML5 file. -All visuals. -Sound files. -Font style. -Icons.


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