Escroc – Payment Escrow & Money Transfer Flutter App


Escroc – Payment Escrow & Money Transfer Flutter App

Escroc is a full application template of Payment Escrow & Money Transfer Flutter App. An escrow account is a third party account where funds are kept before they are transferred to the ultimate party. It provides security against scams and frauds especially with high asset value and dispute-prone sectors. If you are interested to develop your own Payment Escrow & Money Transfer Platform Android and iOS app. So Escroc is perfect for yours. It is full application UI KIT developed by Flutter. It contains 30+ awesome screens with various kind of UI. It’s made a lot easier for all developers. Anyone can run apps by following the project instructions.

App Screenshots with Details


Highlight Features

Buy or Sell Safely and Confidently
Complete Protection and Quickly Transactions System
Multiple Services are Included
Digital Payment Methods Available
Real Time Statement Available
Complete Business Module
GetX State Management
Clean Code

Included Screens and Dialogs

Splash Screen
Onboard(x3) Screen
Welcome Screen
Select Language Screen
Sign In Screen
Otp Screen
Reset Password Screen
Congratulations Screen
Sign Up Screen
Email Verification Screen
Home Screen
Start Transaction Screen
Seller Detail Screen
Transaction Preview Screen
Transaction Created Screen
Notification Screen
My Transaction Screen
My Transaction View Screen
Fee Calculator Screen
Escroc Services Screen
About Us Screen
Contact Us Screen
Edit Profile Screen
Kyc Verification Screen
Disbursement Methods Screen
Add Disbursement Methods Screen
Edit Disbursement Methods Screen
Payment Methods Screen
Add Payment Method Screen
Edit Payment Method Screen
Settings Screen
Two Factor Authentication Screen
Change Password Screen
Change Language Screen
Notification Settings Screen

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