Eventic – Ticket Scanner Mobile Application


Eventic – Ticket Scanner Mobile Application


Note: This application is not an independent Ionic project. You should have purchased and configured Eventic the Eventic platform before purchasing this application. Click here in order to puchase Eventic

Eventic is a powferful event management and ticket sales system like Eventbrite, TicketMaster, Twickets… Based on the robust and secure Symfony framework, Eventic offers to event organizers a set of handy features in order to manage their events, from creating their event page, to registering attendees with a fast mobile application.

The Eventic Scanner Mobile Application is an application that allows event organizers to register attendees by scanning the QR Code generated in the tickets bought from the Eventic platform.

Mobile Application Features

  • Multiple scanners accounts can be created by the event organizer and assigned to different events
  • Scans the QR Code as soon as it is placed in front of the camera
  • Plays success or error sounds based on the ticket status
  • Displays basic event details and statistics (ticket sales, attendance), organizers can enable or disable displaying these statistics
  • Turn the flashlight on
  • Switch between back and front camera
  • Tap to register attendees from a searchable list of bought tickets
  • Multilingual
  • Displays the exact ticket status (not valid for this event, already scanned and when, valid…)

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