Express Courier Company and Delivery Man with Customer and Courier App, Website, and Admin Panel


Express Courier Company and Delivery Man with Customer and Courier App, Website, and Admin Panel

Express Courier is a full solution for creating an online delivery platform with a website and mobile app for the customer and app delivery person, where the customer can find the nearest delivery person or request it through its direct link.

Create a delivery business in your location or digitally automate delivery orders from your existing courier company.



Important Note: For a better experience, create a courier account at your location so that when you pick up a delivery, you can see the platform find the nearest courier and track the courier while the order is accepted.

Admin Panel (email: [email protected] | password: admin) | Customer App (Android | iOS) | Courier App (Android It’s in review on Google Play, meanwhile test by APK, please | iOS) | Website

4 in 1: Express Courier has 2 apps, a website and an administrative system.

  • Customer App: Customer’s mobile application where he can request the nearby courier for his order and follow his deliveries.
  • Courier App: The courier’s mobile application where he receives orders, controls their availability and the status of orders received.
  • Website: Website where the customer can have an experience similar to the customer’s application, requesting a nearby delivery person and tracking their deliveries.
  • Admin Panel: Administrative system with control of roles and permissions where the administrator and his employees can manage orders, couriers, and application data and settings.


Documentation and Support

Access Help Center

Suggested Demo Flow

  1. Create a courier account in the courier account and activate the account for receiving deliveries
  2. Opens the website and/or customer app and start to send an order nearby to the place where you are logged into the courier app.
  3. Simulate some order places to check the prices and see the pricing calculation
  4. Send the order for the courier
  5. Accept the order and check the courier’s live position while the order is in progress!

Stripe Success Test Credit Card

CC Number: 4242 4242 4242 4242 | CVV: 123 | Expires: 05/28 | Other Fields: Any data

Top Features

  • Flutter 3 ready!
  • Earn a tax on every order delivery
  • Configure your distance prices and include your tax percentage.
  • Allow multiple delivery points and need to return to the pickup location
  • Distance and order price calculated in real-time using Google Maps Distance API.
  • Track active couriers position (including in background)
  • Google Play and App Store Compliance Ready
  • Auto choose the delivery person closest to the pick-up location
  • Courier link for share and receive directly order
  • Dashboard live updated in Kanban style to admin track all orders
  • Online payment integration with Stripe, PayPal, and Mercado Pago (upcoming more)
  • Offline Payment Methods Customizable
  • Terms of Use and Privacy Policy configuration ready.
  • Order status track and push notifications
  • Customers track courier position in-live after they accept the order
  • Account Deletion Apple Compliance Ready
  • Social Login Ready with Google, Facebook, and Twitter
  • Light and Dark App Theme
  • Couriers Payout Management
  • Order Reports by Date, Courier, or Customers
  • User Roles and Permissions Settings
  • Multi Language and currency ready

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