Flutter Wallpaper App for Android – Full App + Admin Panel


Flutter Wallpaper App for Android – Full App + Admin Panel

Walfy is a complete Wallpaper app with an admin panel that is developed on the Flutter framework developed by Google. We have used lots of animations to make this app user-friendly. It could be able to satisfy users with impressive UX design and smooth performance.

We have focused on 3 things – Completely Unique Design, Animations & Revenue from Advertisements. That’s why we added both admob and Facebook ads. As Apple doesn’t accept any third-party wallpaper app, This app is only for android devices.


  • Source code of complete wallpaper app
  • Source code of Admin Panel (Flutter Web)
  • Step by Step Documentation to set up the app & the admin panel
  • Onetime payment & lifetime updates for free.


  • Pixel perfect & elegant design with lots of animations
  • Run on both phones and tablets.
  • Single code base & fasted backend service
  • Clean, Structured & easily readable code and save at least one months developement time.
  • Push Notifications with OneSignal


  • Interactive and beautiful user interface
  • Beautiful loading animations like facebook
  • SignIn with Google
  • Set wallpaper as Lock Screen, Home Screen or Both
  • Download feature with notification progress bar : User can view downloaded image by tapping from notification bar
  • Realtime Push Notification with OneSignal
  • Monetization : Both Admob & Facebook ads (Banner & Interstitial Ads)
  • Wallpaper Categories
  • Image Cache : To save images offline
  • User Likes Feature
  • Bookmark Feature
  • State Management : Provider
  • Backend: Firestore Database
  • Complete App
  • Access Statistical data and control the app from admin panel
  • Upload, edit, delete content
  • Content Preview
  • Add/Delete Categories from Admin Panel
  • Access user details
  • You don’t need to purchase any domain or hosting service

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