Fly Painter 3D(Unity Game+Admob+Android+iOS)


Fly Painter 3D(Unity Game+Admob+Android+iOS)

Fly Painter 3D is ultra casual game. One of addictive kind


How to Play?

Tap the Screen to shoot the balls.Avoid hitting obstacles.



  • Unity version 2019.2.9f1 or later. You can download the Unity for free
  • Mac and Xcode for iOS


  • Levels
  • Endless
  • Continiue With Reward Ads
  • Ads (Unity Ads,Admob)
  • Cool UI Effects and sounds
  • Ios and Android
  • Structured Clean Code
  • Easy to reskin Editor Scripts

How To Setup?

  • How to Open the Project?
  • Setup Admob Video link
  • Setup Unity Service Video link

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