Go to Market – HTML5 Game – Construct 3


Go to Market – HTML5 Game – Construct 3

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“Go to Market” is an engaging and educational game specifically designed to help young children learn English vocabulary in a fun way. The game is set in a bustling supermarket, where the players become skilled shoppers.During the gameplay, children will have the opportunity to explore and learn new English vocabulary. With the diverse range of items in the shopping cart, including bread, fruits, and more, they will expand their vocabulary naturally and enjoyably. They will also develop skills in observation, recognition, and matching quickly.”Go to Market” is not just an entertaining game but also aids in the development of language abilities and logical thinking for young learners. It stimulates imagination and problem-solving skills, helping children grasp vocabulary quickly and improve their English communication skills.So get ready to explore the world of the supermarket with “Go to Market” and become savvy shoppers. Let’s learn English vocabulary together in an enjoyable and refreshing way.



  • Very Interesting Game to Play
  • Resolution 1280×720
  • HTML5 game playable on all platforms (PC, Mobile, Android, iOS)
  • Beautiful graphics (you can easily reskin according to your design)
  • Clean layout.
  • Small file size
  • Made in Construct 3
  • Mouse and Touch Controls


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  • HTML5 files.
  • documentation
  • c3p file (construct 3 project)



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