GoFresha Partner/ Salon App | Nearby Salon, Spa & Barber Appointment Flutter App


GoFresha Partner/ Salon App | Nearby Salon, Spa & Barber Appointment Flutter App


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Admin Panel (Not Included)

  • admin can add/edit/delete coupons and assign it to salons,
  • admin can add/edit/delete banners and add a salon redirection in it
  • admin can send In-App notification to user and salons,
  • admin can change currencycountry codepayment gateways (stripe, razorpay and paystack), msg gateway (msg91, twilio), map api (mapbox, google map), translate api (Google Translate),
  • admin can block any user app user,
  • admin can see pending bookingscompleted bookingsrejected bookings and missed bookings,
  • admin can see product orders of all vendors,
  • admin can add/edit/delete scratch cards on a booking cart value,
  • admin can add/edit/delete multiple salons/vendors and login to all vendor panels via clicking a button,
  • admin can update terms and condition, cookies policy or privacy policy for app,
  • much more…

Vendor/Salon Panel (Not Included) 

  • vendor/salon can add/edit/delete services and service type/variants,
  • vendor/salon can add/edit/delete products,
  • vendor/salon can see pending bookings, completed bookings, rejected bookings and missed bookings,
  • vendor/salon can see product orders of all vendors,
  • vendor/salon can add/edit/delete staff (barbers),
  • vendor/salon can add/delete images which user can see in salon description page’s gallery section,
  • much more…

User Flutter App (Not Included)

  • user can login with email and password,
  • user can login with mobile and firebase otp,
  • user can login/signup via social login (Google, Facebook & Apple),
  • user can see the salons, salon services , salon products nearby by choosing location in user app,
  • user can book services from a particular salon nearby with a specific delivery date and time slot,
  • user can see the ratings of salons and staff,
  • user can buy products from salons and user have to pickup from the salons,
  • user can earn a scratch card on completing a service according to his cart value and can earn reward points,
  • user can apply reward points or coupons on bookings to get extra discount,
  • user can refer & earn reward points,
  • user can search barbers, salons, products , services nearby,
  • much more…

Partner / Salon Flutter App (Included)

  • salon can add/edit/delete products,
  • salon can add/edit/delete services & service variants,
  • salon can add/edit/delete barbers,
  • salon can see weekly earn graph, and booking order statistics,
  • salon can comfirm/reject/complete bookings
  • salon can confirm/complete product orders if products picked up by users,
  • salon can see earnings,
  • much more…

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(Note: Demo credentials are given below)

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