Gutencon – Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing Tables, Review Builder for Gutenberg


Gutencon – Marketing and SEO Booster, Listing and Review Builder for Gutenberg

After recent Google updates, it’s not enough to have good content, it must be well structured, designed, and organized for desktop and mobiles. And this is where you can get benefits from using Gutencon. It must-have plugin, swiss knife in wordpress which definitely increases profit from your site and gives you complete set of marketing and SEO tools directly in Gutenberg editor which is future of WordPress.

We guarantee that you will forget about any other third party page builders for posts after you try Gutencon.


Gutencon is working with any theme and on any site, but the biggest benefit can be reached on next type of content:

  • Review sites
  • Listings and directories
  • Comparisons (Price or specification)
  • Blogs
  • Event sites
  • Online tutorials and instructions

By latest study from Backlinko and BuzzSumo, Listings have the best conversion, this is why we spent a lot of time to build several blocks for listings. Check them on our demo site



If you check best review sites, all of them use comparison charts on pages. We built most powerful chart builder with tons of options. Now, you don’t need to use heavy page builders for this. In the same time, our chart table is optimized for mobiles


Adding content in listing and offers can get a lot of time. We added time saver for you – URL parser. Just add link to product page and if it has product data, plugin will take information and place it in proper fields. You can edit content or leave it as is.


There are many SEO plugins with schema on market, but Gutencon has SEO blocks with different schema types which are looking great for search engines and for users. Also, each block has SEO settings where you can change headings tags and other options.


We are experts in speed optimizations, we wrote a lot of articles about this topic, we helped to get 100 score on sites without using premium plugins, we know how important to have good speed. So, our plugin loads ZERO files by default. All styles and scripts are conditional (with support of reusable blocks) and loaded only in place where you use them. All our scripts are vanilla javascript and no jquery dependency.


We take a lot of attention to Google recommendations, especially for review sites. All our blocks will give you boost in google as they are made accordingly to google requirements.


Each block of plugin has design option and you can change colors of any element


As our official buyer, you have access to bonus plugins. First one is RH Link – it allows you to add statistic easily to all buttons of offer blocks from plugin and change/add affiliate ids to your existed links. Second plugin is RH Chart (demo of chart builder plugin), it allows you to add advanced diagrams, charts, comparison bars, infographic blocks based on charts.js library. Both plugins are exclusive, we don’t sell them and you can get them only in bundle with our products.

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