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Balance a hexagon (a six-sided geometric shape) while smashing, blasting and destroying towers of colored blocks. Be careful, the tower may collapse and cause the hex to stumble into the abyss. The game mechanic is a combination of geometric logic, puzzle and strategy. Relax and choose carefully which part to destroy. Sometimes the player may need to react quickly, so the game also has an arcade and reflex element.

Advice :

  • Before tapping and popping, carefully observe the structure and geometry.
  • Some blocks may affect others, causing objects to roll, fall, fall off the stack, or slide. Deciding which object to crush and destroy is crucial.
  • The middle blocks closest to the avatar are generally safer to explode.
  • Unbalanced blocks on the sides are not safe – they can slip.
  • Full-width horizontal boards are generally safer to jump off, but they can also be useful as landing pads.
  • Leaving objects left and right as a “barrier” can prevent the avatar from falling (with six sides, it rolls easily when nothing is blocking it).
  • Wide platforms are useful as landing points on a narrower path.
  • Moving the hexagon quickly can be dangerous because it has six sides (its shape is almost like a ball, and therefore it can roll easily if affected by too much force).
  • The emphasis is on strategy, but quick reaction and reflexes can also be beneficial.

Balance block towers. Don’t drop the hexagon! We hope you enjoy the game!


  • Full game ready to be included on your website
  • Resolution full HD 1920px × 1080px
  • Touch mobile and mouse controls
  • Best scoring system with local save data
  • Procedural difficulty (it doesn’t become impossible)
  • Simple one-touch mechanics. Just tap and press with one key and start playing.
  • Driven by a sophisticated physics engine. Objects react to gravity, mass, friction and shape. They can roll, flip and tumble like they have real world physics.
  • Variety of geometric shapes and stacking structures: pillars, monuments, polygons, triangles, squares and other abstract structures.
  • It’s an infinite mode, go down infinite rows of grids, while keeping the avatar balanced.


• Compatible with Construct 3

• Easy to add or reskin images and sounds

• In C3 you can quickly generate a mobile app

• Without third-party plugins external to Construct

Files included

✓ Source code (editable .c3p files)

✓ HTML5 folder (compatible with all popular browsers)

✓ PNG graphics, and sounds

✓ Documentation (help file)

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