Heyto – Live Streaming (iOS, Android and Web) Paid Video calls and Dating, Payouts with Admin Panel


Heyto – Live Streaming (iOS, Android and Web) Paid Video calls and Dating, Payouts with Admin Panel



Heyto is a Complete Live Streaming for earn, Private Calls paid per minute and dating software. with features out of the box ready-to-use. It’s fully developed with Flutter and Support for iOS, Android and Web also, all in one package Flutter is Native, So you have Native Apps for iOS and Android, all features are available for all Platforms including Web. By default, 69% of earns go to Streamer or Calls receiver, but you can change it in Settings, 25$ is minimum required for customers (Streamers and Call receivers) to withdraw their money to Payonner or Bank Transfer The apps are also 100% customized together or individual depends on your needs, we have a good support team ready for you.


Both iOS and Android apps are native since flutter only uses Dart language to communicate with native languages or each platform supported, We uploaded apps in Apple App Store and Google Play Store to make sure that they comply with all requirements, All features from Calls, Live Streaming, Dating, Coins System, Gifts System, Payments etc.. are available for Both iOS and Android, they also share 100% of Database.


heyto also have Web version complete working with all browsers in mobile, Tablets, PC, Mac etc.. we support all web Live Streaming and Dating are available and working out-of-the-box. Browsers you can try it here: https://heyto.live It’s responsive, changes look completely depending on Device you are running, when accessing in mobile device, the look is 100% identical with the native mobile apps. It also shares 100% of database and features with mobile apps (iOS and Android)


Nowadays Live Streaming industry is bombing and the market just beginning, that’s why principal earn comes from live Streaming, Then Private Calls (Video and Voice) and also Dating Premium features.

  • Users can begin Public or Private Live Streaming
  • Private Live Streaming needs everyone to send Gift chosen by The Streamer before to Watch the Live
  • Public Live Streaming anyone can enter and watch for free
  • Both Public and Private Live Streaming, Users can send Gifts and 69% goes to Streamer Account
  • Video Calls costs 120 coins/ minute and 69% of Earnings go to Call receiver and Caller pay
  • Voice Calls costs 60 coins/ minute and 69% of Earnings go to Call receiver and Caller pay
  • Basically 50% of user earning can be withdrawn, and it’s automatically calculated.
  • Example: 100 Coins = 1 USD for Buyer, Streamer gets 69% (69 Coins) and 5 000 Coins = 25 USD
  • By default, You (App Owner) get 0,65$ and the Receiver gets 0,35$ of each 1$ paid by users
  • Users interested in Dating can pay for Subscriptions to unlock premium features all

Core Feature

  • Push notifications for all devices (iOS, Android and Web, Mac Silicon)
  • Push notifications for (Visits, missed calls, messages, followers, live Streaming nearby
  • Google Admob Banner ads and Video reward Ads
  • Referral System built-in, user can earn 5 credits per invited registered
  • Credit system with several categories
  • Gifts system with in-app purchases
  • Withdraw real money to Payonner and Bank Account (Diamonds earned from Live Streaming)
  • Realtime chat with Voice, Double tap to Like message
  • VIP, GOLD and Normal account
  • Live Streaming with Gifts and Diamonds system
  • Easy to translate to any language
  • Video and Voice calls Paid per Minute by caller
  • Swipe to Like or Nope with it’s a Match system
  • Filters and much more…

Feature Encounters

  • Like or Not any user around you or within city selected.
  • Filter with Age, Gender and Distance.
  • Distance can be Km or Miles (Change in settings)
  • It’s a match when you and other person like earn and other

Feature Likes

  • This feature is only for Premium subscribers
  • See who liked you with photo and name
  • See Liker profile
  • Like him/her to match or vote no
  • No premium users will see blurred images and no name

Feature Live Streaming

  • See all Live Broadcasting around you or not
  • Begin your own Live Broadcasting
  • Send gifts to any Live Broadcasting
  • Refill your credits in Live Broadcasting screen
  • For Streamer: Get real money from gifts
  • Private Live Broadcasting require all participants to send gift before to watch
  • Follow live users to get notified when they begin new Live Broadcasting
  • Unfollow users
  • Comment and interact with everyone

Feature Messages

  • See all messages
  • Messages with status, read and not
  • Message type calls, message, gif or voice
  • See all matched user in top
  • Realtime updates

Feature Chat

  • Send and receive messages
  • Double tap in any message to like
  • Liked messages show Heart icon
  • All messages in Real-time
  • Real status in realtime
  • User online and last seen status
  • Send message type: TextVoice and Giphy/Meme

Feature Calls (Video and Voice)

  • Call any user you want in chat
  • Caller pay 120 credits per minute for video and 60 credits for voice
  • Caller see credits left in realtime
  • Caller can recharge his credits while in call and see credits in realtime
  • Receiver get 69% on payments
  • Receiver see his/her earning in realtime during the app

Feature Profile

  • See perceptual of your profile fill
  • Referral system to earn 5 credits per invite
  • Edit your photos, passions, bio, job, company, school, location and gender
  • Update your profile photo
  • See admob ads in other user profile

Feature Withdraw

  • Withdraw all your earnings to bank account or payoneer account
  • Add or Edit your payoneer account
  • Add or Edit your bank account
  • See how much you can withdraw
  • Percentage of your current earning until ready to withdraw

Feature Report

  • Report user profile
  • Report Live Streaming
  • Report user photo
  • Admin can review and take decision
  • Admin can suspend or delete user account
  • Admin can terminal live streaming

Feature Starts Premium

  • Send more than 5 messages per day
  • See who liked you and live them back
  • Like unlimited users in Encounters
  • Subscription with Apple Payment, Google Play payment and Stripe for Web
  • Watch video ads to get 5 credits

Feature Tickets/Coins/Credits System

  • User can purchase credits anywhere in the app
  • Credits can be used to send Gift in any Live Streaming/Broadcasting or spend during the call
  • Streamer or Call receiver gets Diamonds
  • Diamonds are converted to real money to be withdrawn
  • 69% of diamonds goes to User by default and the system takes the rest, can be changed
  • Diamonds can be withdrawn conversion rate is 50% by default, can be changed


  • Parse Server Backend (Back4app or Self-hosted)
  • Agora
  • Firebase


  • iOS App source code
  • Android App Source code
  • Web version Source code
  • Cloud code file
  • Admin Panel source code
  • Documentation (Text and Videos)


  • Add credits to User account NEW
  • Add premium period to User account NEW
  • Enable or Disable particular Login method (Facebok, Google, Apple Login and Phone Login) NEW
  • Quick statistics (Users , Total Users Total Live Streaming and Total messages)
  • Installations statistics (Total installations, Web installations, iOS and Android Installations ).
  • See Users and Admin Users, Block, Suspend or Edit users
  • See all messages, and their info, type, Sender and Receiver, etc…
  • See all Encounters, and their info, type, liked or not, Receiver, etc…
  • See all Calls, and their info, type, duration, earns, sender and Receiver, etc….
  • See all Live Streaming, Live or Finished, their info, type, Streamer, coins, earn, etc…
  • See and Add new Gifts, price, add file, category etc…
  • See all Payment records, payer, currency, amount, etc..
  • See and Process all Payments requests from your streamers, to Payonner, Bank Transfer or PayPal
  • See and Process all Reports including Live Streaming, Profile ect…

Parse Dashboard

Admin Panel is just a simple and quick way to access your app. If you want to completely control your app, then use Parse Dashboard

  • Send Push notifications to all Devices or in your own conditions
  • Add or Edit cloud code, Jobs, Webhook and Analytics
  • Edit or Add Classes, Columns, Users, etc.. (Everything you need)
  • Add coins/credits, verify accounts, delete or add anything or any user you want
  • You can do anything with Parse Dashboard

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