iLaundry : Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Booking with POS | Single & Multi Branch Complete Solution


iLaundry : Dry Cleaning & Laundry Service Booking with POS | Single & Multi Branch Complete Solution


iLaundry is a complete solution to manage Single/Multi Stores. A perfect Solution for the Laundry and Dry Cleaning Industry to manage a Single Store or any Size Franchise Model. The Complete accessibility in a Single click from anywhere anytime to get proper Business Reporting. The Complete Order tracking and connectivity of all Laundry and Dry-Clean Models like Brand Owner or Super Admin Access, Store Admin Access, Customer Access, and Staff Access.

The laundry service industry requires a digital and integrated solution to automate end-to-end laundry and dry cleaning operations.

We have helped a leading laundry and dry-cleaning service company to carry out laundry management functions effortlessly, effectively, and quickly. Laundry management systems are designed to help streamline laundry management in an automated environment and deliver a better customer experience by using a centralized and customized solution. This laundry and dry cleaning software can be used by different types of users – end customers, agents, dry cleaners, and laundry shop owners.


  • Dashboard:
    • Quick Statistics of total sales, orders, services, and customers.
    • Recent purchase order expected delivery
  • Laundry POS:
    • Powerful iLaundary point of sale system with Quick search
    • Different services with their service type price.
    • Store/Branch wise customer list
    • Apply Discounts, Credit, Promo Codes
    • Service Addon
    • Delivery Date & Quick Note
    • Invoicing
  • Orders:
    • Manage purchase orders with multiple services and tax, discount, quantity, and price.
    • Generate/print purchase order invoice/receipt.
    • Create multiple purchase orders from purchase order requests/quotes.
    • Manage purchase order payments.
    • Existing purchase order and generate/print invoice/receipt.
    • Receive automated email on the delivery date of the purchase order.
  • Services: Manage all products with service type, service price & addon and its price with image.
  • Single/Multi Store/Branch Management
    • Super Admin: Control all your stores from a single place. Edit price lists, services, and garment lists for your entire business at once.
    • Take control of all your stores in a single view, even without being physically present.
    • Store/Branch can manage customer information, Service preferences, and communication preferences.
    • Store/Branch can Generate/print pos order invoice/receipt.
    • Create multiple orders from customer’s requests/quotes.
    • Manage order payments.
    • Existing order and generate/print invoice/receipt.
    • Each Store/Branch Receives an automated email on the purchase order delivery date.
  • Customers: Manage all your customers’ details.
  • Coupons, Discounts & Promo Codes: Assign discounts and credit to stores/branches, and use Promo Codes to boost business
  • Expense: Manage all company expenses with category and receipt and keep track of all the operation and non-operational expenses.
  • Cash Management: Store/Branch can generate an easy accounting system and its ledger to manage transactions.
  • Reports:
    • Daily report
    • Order report
    • Sales report
    • Expense report
    • Tax Report
  • User & Role Management: Admin can create User and Role via admin panel and assign roles to users. They only see what they need to see, which makes the app easy to learn.
  • Right to Left Support: Application Supports Right to Left layout.
  • Dark & Light Theme Support: The most likely to be better for efficiency and productivity user can choose themes.
  • Staff Permissions: You can give staff specific permissions on what they can do or can’t do. Role and User permissions can be overridden for each staff member.
  • High Performance: Advanced POS With Inventory Management is lightweight and has lightning-fast performance and page load time out of the box.
  • Email: Setup predefined email templates from a text editor, Manage email SMTP and send predefined email template to supplier/anyone by automated.
  • Full Source Code: You will get the full Source Code of Advanced iLaundary POS With Single/Multi Store/Branch Management to build versions for NodeJS and MySQL databases.

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