Kiki Maze HTML5 Game


Kiki Maze HTML5 Game

Kiki Maze game is addictive for all! Play unique maze labyrinth game with different boards and challenges! Plus, enjoy a fun-addicting classic puzzle game that’s guaranteed to make you think! Recharge your brain with challenging labyrinth puzzles. Kiki Maze is an addictive game that updates the classic formula for modern-day players. Kids, teenagers, and adults will enjoy this labyrinth puzzle a lot.


:- PWA Support ( Auto create progressive web application for mobile or desktop without android studio )
:-Play game in browser, mobiles, windows app
:- 2 World / 20 Levels
:- Game type maze puzzle gameplay
:- High Quality Gameplay
:- Beautiful pixel Graphics
:- Responsive Layout
:- Touch Support
:- Computer keyboard support
:- Fast Process , No Load Time
:- Play Online
:- Easy Reskin
:- Easy Customization
:- Support Computer Browser and mobile browsers

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