Many Brick Block 3D (Construct 3 – HTML5)


Many Brick Block 3D (Construct 3 – HTML5)


In sections consisting of hundreds of 3D blocks, smash the blocks with balls! You might get a little intimidated when you start playing. When you continue the game, you will see what a fun game it is. Quickly throw the ball towards the blocks. Every block the ball touches explodes. You will see 3 different bonuses that will help you in the game. One of the bonuses makes the number of balls 3 pieces. One of them increases the number of balls. The other also recognizes the right to life. There are a total of 150 sections in the game, which differs from its counterparts with its 3D appearance. The colors and entertainment of each episode are different. When you start the game, you will not understand how time passes. You are all invited to the fun 3D block smashing game. Come on, click!


You can use the LEFT and RIGHT ARROW KEYS on your keyboard to throw and not to drop the ball.

Destroy all the blocks to move to the next level.


Made with Construct 3. 150 different levels. Made with 3D Shape and 3D Camera. All items free. Easy to play. It works only Construct 3.


Game Assets (.png and .psd), HTML5 game file, Icons, Sounds, Documentation, Source Code (.c3p).

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