Math for Kids Games + Android Kids Math Games + Ready To Earn Money


Math for Kids Games + Android Kids Math Games + Ready To Earn Money

★★★ Math for Kids Games ★★★

It’s amazing kids and girls games. It’s an amazing game for kids. You need to give the correct answers from a multiple-choice maths puzzle. In this easy to hard difficulty with endless game mode.

First buyer no need to Reskin

Math for Kids is a well-documented Android Kids game. You can easily Earn money from Admob & Remove Ads Subscription.

This game is developed on cocos2dx. You just need to replace of same size images and also you just change the main screen and title and then upload the game on the play store and earn revenue from AdMob.


  • Android 12 Supported
  • 64 Bit Supported
  • Latest Admob SDK
  • in-App Purchase Remove Ads
  • Special Kids Maths Puzzle Games
  • HD Graphics Design and Ultimate Sounds
  • Easy to Reskin
  • GDPR
  • More and Rate Function
  • Beautiful Graphics Design
  • 9 Different Levels

Our math games for kids are super fun educational games! Solve a wide variety of math puzzles, brainteasers, and brain math puzzles.


Kids Math Categories: 

  1. Missing Number: Kids can find Missing Number Games
  2. Subtract: Learn Subtraction by Math Games
  3. Count: Kids can Count Object & Learn
  4. Shape: Learn & Play Shape Game for Kids
  5. Time: Awesome Clock Games for Kids
  6. Less & More: Kids can Learn Less & More Skill
  7. Sequence: Learn Sequence by Games
  8. How Many Objects: Learn Object Count by Touch
  9. Match Number: Draw Line & Match Numbers


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