Mega Stacker


Mega Stacker

Mega Stacker is an arcade game where your ultimate goal is to reach the top of the screen. Reminiscent of classic stackers, you control a row of boxes and your objective is to stack them until you reach the pinnacle. With only one stage, the game offers a short but addictive experience. Can you master the art of precise stacking and conquer the heights in Mega Stacker?



  • Keyboard Controls and Screen Touch for Mobile
  • AdMob Ads Supported in Construct 3 (NOT INCLUDED on source-code)
  • Including Construct 3 file (.c3p and all the source)
  • Easy to Reskin / add / replace images
  • Documentation



06/27/23 - Release of the first version



  • Documentation
  • Construct3 Source (.C3P)
  • Game Exported(HTML5)


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