Merge Number 2048 – Html5 (Construct3)


Merge Number 2048 – Html5 (Construct3)

Support save and resume the game when you close the browser or exit the game.

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A unique number puzzle. It has a completely new and unusual merge mechanic – just try it and you will definitely love it … match games addiction guaranteed! Just look at how smoothly and beautifully those number blocks combine with each other. Hypnotizing, isn’t it? You will also appreciate the modern gameplay, simple and straightforward match game rules.

Relax after a hard day and have some soft pleasure – no similar 2048 game experience required! . A new generation of merge games is already here!


Number puzzle: relax and win Soft shapes, bright colors, smooth animation has everything for a pleasant 1024 game! Great music will also help you relax as soon as possible in thinking games. Reach your personal records in an atmosphere of true tranquility with brain training games. Start playing today – tomorrow all your friends will be interested in your new mind game!

-Simple rules:

– Merge numbers in adjacent cells. Each cell merge multiplies the original number by 2.

– Just as other modern logic games, has boosters that will speed up your gameplay and help you avoid losing (they can also increase your score, that’s right)

Featured  game.

– The game is made with construct3 and no other 3rd party libraries are used

– The game is optimized to play on mobile and windows…

– Compatible with all the most popular web browsers today

– File include document, file .c3p, source html5 game

– Finger touch support game and mouse pc

– Documention change skin …

– Screens Include: Game Play , Game Home,Game Lose, Game Pause….

– We receive upgrades and develop more features of the game

– We ready upload game on server

– We are ready to add Ads SDK or Game ID fast.

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