MShopping – #1 Mall Shopping Full Flutter v2.8 App with Admin Panel


MShopping – #1 Mall Shopping Full Flutter v2.8 App with Admin Panel

MShopping, Mall Shopping online, made by Flutter, Best E-commerce Store Application. #1 eCommerce Apps.
Running well both Android & iOS. Elegant UI, Lite, Smooth, Compact and Powerful Apps with GetX plugins (Powerful Stateless Management), 99% Stateless Widget.

1. IntroScreen and Multi Select Categories Options.
2. Homepage, Slider, Search Widget, Notification Template, All & Each Category and Also Brand Partner List.
3. Each categories at homepage, refers to table database backend ready. (Enabled/Disabled)
4. Beautiful Item Product with Like Button and Fade Up Animation. Product also refers to table database backend ready.
5. Detail Product, Add to cart or you can buy directly. Option color and size item product with Slider Images render
6. SearchPage, with filter suggestion and also recommend products.
7. Cart, with all selection, check option and delete item/all. checkout button, add address and pay Oder Now. Payment Order template only (insert transaction backend ready)
8. Scan Page, template only, after get result QRcode scanning.
9. Favorite Page, list of your product wishlist, check option and delete item/all.
10. Profile Page, Login page with email & password ready. Sign in other social media is only a template.
11. Update full name, change password and also update your image profile ready.
12. Sign up Account ready. Email, Password & re-type password.
13. Product by Category page, with scroll listener pagination.
14. Brand page per partner, with scroll listener pagination.
15. History page with status transaction (Process, Done, Void), clickable to more details.
16. Feedback page for user to get more improvement action in the future. Ready.
17. Share, share this app and also referral code to get more promo & rewards (template only)

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