Multi-purpose all-in-one e-commerce marketplace


Multi-purpose all-in-one e-commerce marketplace

Welcome to GoShops: a complete marketplace solution for E-commerce business.

The features of our product:

All-in-one: Website, Mobile Customer and Delivery Boy apps (IOS, Android), Admin Panel, POS system (MacOS, Linux, Windows desktop)

Flexible: Single Shop, Multi-Shop or Multi-Seller.

User-friendly: enjoy top-notch UI design; shop in multiple stores and collect their products in one cart; offer Cashbacks to clients; use Lookbook tool to bundle brand, seasonal or other types of products into collections

Convenience: use our smart map solution to set up your delivery range and let your clients to find closest shops to order for fastest delivery

Versatile: designed with a range of department stores in mind (Grocery, Electronics, Pharmacy, Furniture, Clothes, Home and etc.)

Backend: Laravel

Frontend: Nextjs

Admin panel: Reactjs

Mobile: Flutter

SEO: optimized

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