Newgram App – Instagram clone or Tiktok clone


Newgram App – Instagram clone or Tiktok clone

Newgram is a featured, scalable short video app and social platform. You can launch your own TikTok or instagram, Dubsmash or like app in no time using Newgram.

The API is secured by personal access tokens, admin panel. Whereas, the Android app is built on Material Design principles following easy, less code to understand and iterate upon.

Feature highlights

  1. See videos and posts
  2. Like, comment and engage with content.
  3. Make followers easily by boosting profile.
  4. Instagram like animated, double tap to like.
  5. Instagram type look
  6. Clutter-free playback and recording modes.
  7. Login with FacebookGooglePhone and twitter.
  8. Follow, unfollow your favorite creators.
  9. Show follow suggestions after login.
  10. Real time one-to-one messaging.
  11. Send cool stickers in chats and comments.
  12. Send gifts to any user.
  13. Instagram type live features.
  14. Send gifts to user on video, profile, even live streaming also.
  15. Block or unblock users.
  16. Instant push notifications with FCM.
  17. Deep-linked notifications to in-app content.
  18. Manage user verification status.
  19. Share links or videos directly to social networks.
  20. In-app purchase.
  21. Disapprove inappropriate videos.
  22. Download and share with watermark + username.
  23. Record new video or upload existing.
  24. Choose music from phone, library or existing video.
  25. Recording with start/stop timer.
  26. In-app audio adjustments i.e., latency & volume.
  27. Request verifications with ID upload.
  28. Apply filters to existing videos.
  29. Auto-complete mentions and hashtags.
  30. Privacy on video clips and comments.
  31. Save failed uploads in drafts.
  32. Start hashtag challenges from admin panel.
  33. Customizable about screen.
  34. Emoji keyboard (iOS, Google, Facebook & Twitter).
  35. Custom image (GIF/JPG/PNG) + link ads from admin panel.
  36. Promotional banners from admin panel.

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