Noob Long Hand – HTML5 Game – Construct 3


Noob Long Hand – HTML5 Game – Construct 3

“Please open the project in “” Version.”

Noob Long Hand (As well as mobile gameplay. As well as desktop gameplay.)

How To Play? Hey you man with the tall and golden hands you are a noob. You have to use your golden hand to show them that you are not a noob. Remember, your hand can stretch forever, but the longer it gets, the harder it is to control. so you have to stretch your hand carefully. hold the wall with your hand and grab the key, you have to get the key so that the chest is opened, you can never complete the level before the chest is opened. Take the key and reach the chest.

Control : Click and hold wherever you want to move! (Same control on both mobile and pc)

Features: It has 2D high graphics. *There are 4 different costumes in the game. *1 different costumes for each player, 4 costumes in total. *20 different Levels. *Easy re-skin. admob supported.

İtems included: *HTML5 Game files *Construct 3 source code ( .c3p ) *Documentation about the game.

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