Noob vs Pro Help Hacker – HTML5 Game – Construct 3


Noob vs Pro Help Hacker – HTML5 Game – Construct 3

“Please open the project in “” Version.”

Noob vs Pro Help Hacker (As well as mobile gameplay. As well as desktop gameplay.)

How to play Noob vs Pro Help Hacker game? There is a player who must survive in the jungle. his name is noob you have to protect him. You are a pro and you have a sword. You can use your sword to kill the enemies sent by the hacker. Kill all the enemies and destroy everything in your way. collect the gold, they will earn you points. follow the noob and walk ahead. get home and go to bed. Help the noob to bed.

Control : Use the “WASD” Keys to play the player. Press any button or click the mouse to start the game in each level. Press the “Spacebar” button to attack with the sword and kill the enemies. Mobile touch controls are available to play the game on mobile.

Features: It has 2D high graphics. *15 different Levels. *Easy re-skin. admob supported.

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