On Demand Service Solution 4 Apps Customer+Provider+Admin Panel+Web Site – Flutter (iOS+Android)


On Demand Service Solution – 4 Apps – Customer + Provider + Admin Panel + Web Site – Flutter (iOS+An

This is a complete end-to-end solution for launching your own full On Demand Service Solution. It includes an end user app from which the end users can booking services and provider app for providers and it includes an admin panel for owner to manege all process and improve their business. This solution is ideal for anyone who wants to start app business.

House requires constant repair and maintenance; for this, we need workmen like carpenter, plumber, etc. Usually, we call in the handyman near our house, but we can get the work done only when they are free. So we have scheduled the work as per their convenience. There is an alternate for all these issues, On Demand Service for handyman application gives timely service for its users. It has an interactive user interface for solving customer queries. All the users need to do is create a profile, search for the required service, and connect with the handyman. The handyman can view the profile of the customer requiring their service. They can either accept or reject the service based on their availability. Payment made to the handy for every service.

Handyman apps like On Demand Service have administrators earn for each transaction and also get a commission from the agent. They can view the profits made and see the suggestions for the areas of improvement.

  • Fully functional apps with Firebase backend
  • 4 Apps in Android & iOS combined (Customer App, Provider App + Admin Panel + Web Site)
  • Android + iOS Flutter Apps.
  • Multi Payment gateways (Cash on Delivery, PayPal, Stripe, Razorpay, Flutterware, PayStack)
  • Multi SMS gateways (SMS.to, Twilio, Nexmo, Firebase)
  • Auto-Address From Geo Location
  • Working fine with light and dark mode.
  • Push notification using FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)
  • Tracking Bookings
  • Sign-up/Login. Service seekers sign-up with email and number and create custom profiles containing their name, address details, number, and others.
  • Browse & Search. Customers browse (search) the app for service professionals and view details, including their name, service experience, cost, and others.
  • Schedule/Book-now. Customers can either schedule the service for a particular time & date or request right-away as per convenience.
  • Tracking. Track handyman professionals post-booking via the application promptly. The feature allows the customer to guide professionals to the service location.
  • In-App Payments. Integrated with payment gateways and methods, customers pay via the app post-service completion.
  • Rate & Review. Customers rate the professional and provide additional feedback to help improve the experience as per discretion.
  • Easy Dashboard to get Quick details
  • Categories management.
  • Providers management.
  • Users management.
  • Services management.
  • Bookings management.
  • Send Notifications.
  • Reports.
  • Multi-Languages system
  • Multi-Currencies system
  • Payment Gateway Management,
  • Global Settings
  • Chat.
  • Reviews.

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