Photo Motion: Photo Animator, MovePics (Android 12 Support)


Photo Motion: Photo Animator, MovePics (Android 12 Support)


Photo Motion: Photo Animator is a unique app to create and share photo motion art. Bring your photographs to life with user-friendly and simple tools. This app lets you apply motion on animation effect on a particular object, just select the area and give direction for motion effect on a photo. With various animated effects and beautiful filters, it is the most creative way to show your loop photos on social media. Add a fantastic cinemagraph effect to your image, just select any area in the picture and add motion and cinemagraph effect to image and picture. Make living photos right now.

Move your photo’s backgrounds or flow water naturally and create fantastic cinematographic effects to your photos. Photo Motion app has unique feature that let’s you create motion in pictures and stunning cinematography effects!!

Make live photos, live wallpapers, moving Backgrounds & themes with animation effects using Photo Motion: Photo Animator.


– Blend still images with video to get amazing animation effects. – Create your video stories blending overlay video on the still image. – You can make an Animated Video from out of a still image and merging a video. – It can turn your photo into an animated GIF and Animated Double Exposure. – Merge still image with video overlay to create amazing Cinemagraphs. – Merge photo with overlay video, video motion to create amazing visual effects like Cinemagraph, double exposed gifs or magical moving portraits.

Video Overlay Effects:

– Video overlay effects on multiple layers of videos, effects and overlays are supported. – Create Cinemagraph using Video Motion effect and apply overlay effects. – Choose amazing video effects and overlay video from the Asset Store. – Apply stunning video overlay effects and filters in motion and stills. – Apply stunning video effects with StoryZ Photo video maker with photos and music. – Use this video editor with filters and music to create amazing video overlay effects.

How to use Moving Picture – Motion In Photo & Motion Picture:

– Select your photo in the gallery that’s you want to move. – Draw direction that’s you want to move. – Use movement tools to give live effects. – Use the stabilization tool to define that point not be moved. – Use mask tool to define the image that will not have any movement. – Show preview to your creation. – Save and share your composition.

Features ★ Make still images move to create living photo ★ Create Video from Still images ★ Animated images ★ Image to video converter ★ Amazing filter for photos ★ Create beautiful 4k live wallpaper ★ Full HD animated photos to video ★ Select your photo from the gallery. ★ Use the movement tool at each point you want to give a live effect. ★ Give direction for effect. ★ With the stabilization tool, you can define that point not be moved. ★ When three stabilization points are connected that create a stabilized region. ★ With the mask tool, you can define the region of the image that will not have movement. ★ Create your live animated photo with a cinemagraph effect. ★ Save your creation and share with friends, family, and all social sites.

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